Saturday, October 27, 2012

CTV's Amazing Person of the Year 2012 Award

On 27 Oct 2012, I was named as the CTV Amazing Person of the Year 2012 award.  It was an honour to say the very least and completely unexpected.

The event overall was awesome. Kimothy Walker and the CTV Organizing Committee did an absolutely fantastic job of putting this event together.  We started off the evening at my place.  A bottle of Rose Moet and Chandon later the four of us jumped into the car and headed to the Ottawa Convention Centre.  When we arrived at this amazing location we were greeted by a Red Carpet moment.  We were welcomed, ‘pinned’ and then photographed.  The Champagne was flowing at this location too so of course we had to partake again!!!  Very nice reception. 

At about 7pm we headed upstairs to the ballroom.  Each table was assigned an old Hollywood star – afterall the theme of the Gala was ‘Old Hollywood’.  We sat at the Elizabeth Taylor table!!! 

The evening started as soon as people were seated and the entertainment and events were AMAZING.  There are so many talented and gifted people in Ottawa.  Who knew?  Well now I do.  As we began the first course of the meal, Kimothy announced the names of the top 5 nominees.  My name was called.  Our table cheered as we ate our mushroom soup.  Just in time for the next course about 15 mins later, Kimothy got up and announced the top 3 nominees for 2012.  CTV then showed the video for each of the top three nominees.  The third video happened to be mine.  Curtis grabbed my arm, shaking it back and forth in excitement.  I’m thinking to myself yahoo I made top 3 and was quite happy to just eat my salad.  Curtis turns his head and says to me, ‘Kim I really think you should wait to eat your salad until they announce the name’.  I don’t think Curtis and I were on the same page at that point.  I’m thinking I’m starving and I want to eat and that it was a real honour to be named top 3, so be happy and LET’S EAT !!  So in pops a spinach leaf and name was called as the winner !!!  To my delight (and horror with spinach possibly stuck in my teeth) my table screeched with excitement and surprise and I tried desparately to swallow the leaf and make my way to the stage.  It was a surreal moment for me.  Nothing I ever expected.  I am up there with Graham Richardson receiving this award and I am in complete shock.  I had a smile that was ear to ear…and not a good smile either with red lipstick.  But who cares.  At that point I was just so honoured and so happy, that I could do nothing else but smile.  People were standing up, shaking my hand and congratulating me left, right, and centre and I don’t think I stopped smiling or saying thank you for about the next 3 hours.  

I can say that I did get a few bites of dinner in me, and I did try and eat ALL of my dessert as a reward in celebration of this honour.  I also got up on the dance floor to jiggy to Gangnam style !! 

Many thanks to the organizers, to Kimothy and Eme and all of my friends and family, and coaches who have supported these past 6 years.  A big thanks to the people of Ottawa for their support.  It truly means a lot to me.

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